Kinosaki – learning to relax the Japanese way

Thanks to its topographical situation Japan is basically a one big hot spring. And it comes with no surprise that the Japanese people, who are masters in incorporating the harmony of nature in many different forms and shapes to their everyday lives, have an elaborated culture of public baths – onsens.

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3 days in Ishigaki island: escaping a typhoon and swimming with jellyfish

Japan has plenty of cultural highlights and splendid natural spots; however, the country is not well known for its beaches. So, when planning a beach vacation, a list of all other South East Asia countries may pop up in your head before thinking of Japan. But if you are planning a visit to “the land of the rising sun”, keep in mind that white sands and turquoise waters are within a hand’s reach.

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Fireworks in Tokyo to welcome us to Japan

In the end of July we started our long waited and carefully planned trip around Japan. We were warned about the unbearable heat and humidity combination around this time of the year, but it was the only free time we had, so we went for it anyways.

We merged into the Tokyo’s rush straight away. On our second day in the city we learned about the summer festival taking place in Asakusa neighborhood and decided to check it out.

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A brief guide to Lago di Como

It was one of those long hot summer weekends in the middle of July when we found ourselves in the North of Italy next to Lake Como. We spent the weekend taking refreshing dips into the lake, admiring the surroundings and (of course!) eating. This is my brief set of tips for anyone who wants to spend spring/summer/early autumn weekend in this little piece of paradise.

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My love affair with Mexico City’ part II

Mexico City – one of the biggest, most crowded and busiest places on the face of the Earth. Just imagine the anthill of 22 million people building lives together in the 1485 square meters.

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The fight of shadows at Plaza de toros de La Malagueta

It has now been 10 days that I am living in the south of Spain region of Andalusia. Many of the things that represent Spain around the world have originated from here. And bullfighting is one of them. I know, there is a wide debate about banning the bull-fighting, and some regions of Spain have done it already. But by the look of things here, Andalusia will be the last one, if ever, to let it go…

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Walking the streets of the old Jerusalem

It was the middle of August and we found ourselves in the old city of Jerusalem. The historic importance of this place just blew my mind. The four quarters, the mixture of traditions, stories, lives… It is a cradle of our civilization and the axe of the world!

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Mission District murals – San Francisco 

This blog is from a year old trip in California, but  there is something about these murals and street art in the Mission district that I felt I have to write about. Don’t worry I will not write a lot, because here you have to look and listen to what these paintings are telling you. Most of them are from the 70s, but with the latest political realities around the world it repeats the same old truths.

The Women’s Building


Inspired by Diego Riviera and other Mexican muralists