Pueblos Blancos – following the white spots in the mountains

It was the Semana Santa week in the South of Spain and the unusual 30 degrees for mid-April. The conditions were perfect to explore the beautiful white villages that are hiding in the mountains of Andalusia.

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430 meters below Sea Level – Visiting the Dead Sea

Everybody knows that the mountain Everest is the highest point on the face of the Earth, and it is definitely on my to do list. But before I save $30K for the group climbing excursion, I decided first to pay a visit to the lowest point on Earth – the Dead Sea.

It is located right in middle of the Middle East and is officially is shared by Palestine, Israel and Jordan. However after taking the Highway 90 from Tel Aviv down to this area and passing by what (according to the map) should be the Palestinian part of this lake, it seemed like it is completely under Israel’s  control. Well, but we’ve already known that Israel is not particularly good in sticking with the border lines

So, we rented a car in Tel Aviv and after less than 2 hours we were crossing by the dessert mountains and palm trees forests. It was midday of Saturday, so the road was empty with only few cars passing by.


One thing that impressed me about this wonder is the perfect, mirror-like reflection of the Dead Sea. Here is the closer look to it:


If you look deep enough, you can see the Jordan mountains thought the clouds


No, he is not lying on the bottom of the sea here. He is floating!


A piece of salt from the beach


We spent a night in Ein Bokek, not a town, rather a hotel strip. Do I recommend it? No, not really, hotels here are very expensive and quite old. Also, almost no eating out/going out options available. But again it was the beginning of January.

In the morning, we gave a lift to a couple of hitchhikers, who spent a night on the beach and woke with mosquito bites on their faces (not sure if they slept at all). So, don’t do it either!

Around the Dead Sea

So, the Dead Sea can be fun for some time, but as it is not recommended spending more than 15 minutes in its salty waters, you might get bored quite quickly. But there are a few other things you can do around here.


A very special site for many Israelis and Jews. Masada is remainings of an ancient town, situated  on the top of the rock. A heroic legend of Siege of Masada attacks locals to visit this place,  for others it is a chance to look over the Dead Sea and the Judean desert from 400 meters up:

You can hike up or take a cable car


Ein Gedi hikes:

Ein Gedi is described as an oasis in the dessert and offers a number of hiking routes situated across the shore of the Dead Sea. We stopped at Wadi David and did an hour long hike to the David’s waterfall and back.


One of the smaller waterfalls on this hike
David’s falls


We made friends with these little guys…
and stayed way from him


Ein Gedi kibbutz & Botanical garden

The local kibbutz (commune) is situated on the hill overlooking the Dead Sea and mountains. The community here runs a hotel and a famous Botanical garden (in the middle of the dessert!) with plans from all over the world.

Looks like a house on a tropical island…


and then and here it was a time leave back to Tel Aviv.

At the end of this blog I would like to share a few tips, should you be interested in visiting Palestine. This trip was too short for us to do so, but here is what I learned from my research:

Jericho (the city of Palms) – if you are in the Dead Sea area do not miss out on this town in West Bank. Believed to be one of the oldest villages in the world offers plenty of archaeological and Biblical attractions.

The Dead Sea area is quite badly reachable by the public transport, so to travel around here you will need to rent a car (or hitchhike). But with a car rented in Israel you will not be able to visit West Bank. Here is one of the alternatives for you to rent in Jerusalem.

Note to myself: next time I am around the Dead Sea I want to stay here.

The top 3 experiences in Georgia

Georgia – a country with a very successful word of mouth marketing campaign… at least in Lithuania.

Every Lithuanian can tell you a few good things about Georgia but only some lucky ones have gone to check if this land of honey is for real. I haven’t had the pleasure to see it myself yet, but I already know that it is a country with the most welcoming people, wine and food there is to die for, and nature… ohhh mountains… 

So as soon as Jurgita and Gediminas came back from their Georgia exploration trip I asked them to share their tips & tricks. And this is what they had to say…

Jurgita and Gediminas in action

In Georgia wine is offered more often than water, including a glass for breakfast on the house. Make sure no to refuse, this could be treated as an insult. When in country, be ready for Georgian hospitality, that will fill your adventurous soul with memorable experiences. And here are 3 things you must do during your trip:

1. Visit Mountains

Georgia is a country of mountains. Forget Batumi, there are nicer beaches and seaside towns in Europe. Our plan was to spend 4 days in Svaneti, flying there from Tbilisi with local airplane. Unlucky us, heavy rain changed the programme, our flight was cancelled. We decided to skip other alternative – a 10 hrs ride by marshrutka to Mestia, and ended up having a closer trip to Kazbegi mountain – 3 hours drive north from Tbilisi. Breath-taking scenery…


Arranging a car was super easy – we just stopped a taxi in Tbilisi and asked the driver to bring us to mountains next day. Short negotiation for a price and deal was done.

Asking your B&B owner for a ride is also a great option, though usually such offer comes even without asking and with additional sightseeing suggestions and glass of local wine (this is supposed to help you make a right decision).

2. Taste local food

Eating all-up can be tough challenge – portions are huge, dishes are heavy in sauces. Wine or local spirit drink ča-ča is definitely good for digestion. Food is rich in meat (lamb, beef especially), baked vegetables, pastries. Chachapuri with cheese is very filling for lunch, ‘ponchiki’ (cream-filled pastry) is great for afternoon dessert.

3. Visit Tbilisi

Tbilisi is a remarkable example how new is blending into old. The city is soaking in western culture, Dunkin’ Donuts being top trendy place for fashionistas and hipsters (despite the fact that quality service is still far away from the western standards). For sightseeing we took super fun free tour with Anna, who showed us nooks and crannies, shared so many stories, insightful comments and funny observations about Georgians.

*Btw, we believe free tours with locals are the best way to explore city! If you are interested, check free London Grafitti tour.

Religion plays an important role in local lives. Whenever a Georgian sees a church, he crosses himself three times. Even when driving a narrow mountain road. Anna told us, that young generation are also strictly into religion. She witnessed a group of young girls, dancing in an open-roof bus when driving around the city and promoting event. Suddenly, when seeing the church, all girls stopped dancing, crossed themselves, and then continued dancing like nothing happened.

Georgia is so vivid in colours, tastes, nature, sounds. Lured us so much that we are planning a comeback, hopefully this time rain will not stop us to go to Svaneti mountains.

We recommend:

  • Free Tbilisi tour with Anna
  • To eat in Tbilisi: g.Vino, Funicular – best ‘ponchiki’; cream-filled pastry; Machakhela – eat with locals.

Pacific 101: San Diego to San Francisco

If you’re planning a road trip through California then the 101 is your route. It takes longer than a faster alternative – Interstate 5, but having tried both, it’s so much worth the time. Every stop you make – it’s a new scenery, from little towns, to beautiful long Californian beaches to walks though the forests and dunes. It’s a constant change of altitude, green and blue shades but … it’s California…sun stays up in the sky wherever you go (well not around San Francisco – but they told us the heavy rain weekend was bad luck… yeah right…).

The 101 is 2222.97 km long and connects US West’s the south and north through four different states.We (mostly me to all fairness) drove from San Diego to San Francisco and this is how it went:

Orange County – The Palms Avenue
Laguna Beach
Palms trees come in every size and shape
Happy US
The Squared Motel
California Coast
Reflecting on life – part I
Reflecting on life – part II
Almost LA
Santa Barbara!
US in Santa Barbara
101 at its best
Walk to the beach through dunes
The Eagle is surveying US
Happy you
Happy US
To San Francisco!!!

And if you put it all in about 40 seconds you get something like this:

Pueblos Magicos & Acapulco – checked!

After 3 days in crazy Mexico City, we decided to get away from the crowds and to dive into the little pueblos around the capital. Tepotztlan, Acapulco (not a pueblo!) and Taxco are only a hand-reach away (in Mexican sizes) from DF and are an often escape destinations for the wealthy DFians.

I. Tepoztlán: green mountains & Temazcal

This pueblo magico is just an hour away from the busy DF streets. Many come here to enjoy the nature and pleasures of Temazcal – an ancient Maya sweat house. But before you go into the hands of a local shaman:

Enjoy the cuisine from the local market:

InstagramCapture_af0dc2d4-927e-4354-9b48-8b194b126128  InstagramCapture_02a16406-68da-40f1-8394-a2ea1753a591

InstagramCapture_6d07aafd-8889-47d4-85d1-663d2f8fa140  InstagramCapture_5ae579b9-9376-4659-8e0a-cd3d8951ae0b

Then work it out by climbing up to El Tepozteco pyramide

InstagramCapture_b4bf8c38-3ae1-441a-bf9a-69c9a8e11488  InstagramCapture_0f245ccf-dad7-4d5b-98b1-f03d3ba24ec0

InstagramCapture_6731ffb6-3022-44df-a046-447440c5c54f  InstagramCapture_6395fef7-8606-4f8d-ba8c-50225209c5d1

And then lock yourself out in the surroundings of the mountains and when the sun goes down follow a well deserved (mystical) Temazcal…

InstagramCapture_77448425-7e45-42d7-96ce-136f0d7805fd   InstagramCapture_422f5777-d8af-4b89-b6f1-0b3cced89e96

II. The 60’s shine in Acapulco

Acapulco is the closest beach escape for chilangos. Just 4 hours on the toll road and you are on the Pacific coast. Once a n°1 destination for the Hollywood stars, now Acapulco is a hub of the local tourism. Recent hurricanes and instabilities in the area has washed off its 60s glitter but the footprints of once the capital of tourism are still here.

Playa Caletilla in the morning and in the afternoon:

InstagramCapture_4914e9f9-53d0-45f1-ad5a-ba84198e8a83  InstagramCapture_182a1ae1-c233-4fdb-a5fe-0a33ae6240e2

A try to find a virgin spot on the Pacific:

However the Pacific Ocean was not so Pacific that day at Pie de la Cuesta:

InstagramCapture_321a64dd-1111-4604-9faf-d13895235489  InstagramCapture_7acbdda2-1f0a-47a0-aa3c-3f0259359b5e

Other than that it was just a regular day in the city that have seen it all:

InstagramCapture_cce4d8d7-627c-4c40-a72a-07fb77540899  InstagramCapture_cccb0a4a-b695-48a2-9e7a-4ce72af9ca40

InstagramCapture_5a671323-eaf2-4913-ad60-898c323fcc58   InstagramCapture_54532315-5d3c-4f6a-8ad1-0be130820d3f

III. The silvery Taxco

This little beautiful Pueblo Mágico is spread around the hills – just 3 hours drive from DF. We came here for a quick stop, but after the first glimpse, stayed for as long as we could.

InstagramCapture_691af7a0-26e5-4162-b3f0-9206605d9df8   InstagramCapture_8299d4e8-4d3f-474c-8cdf-4101a8b83d1e

Known for its old days silver resources today the city reflects the past via stunningly beautiful architecture thus becoming a trendy escape for DFians and other random passers like us.

InstagramCapture_c651d708-0a0e-4ae3-829e-e2212c4a2568   InstagramCapture_87f0ef84-7c9d-48e5-9f59-2820f52ac280

On top of all the architectural surprises around every corner, here you will also find street vendors offering beautiful hand made pieces, never seen anywhere else before or after. However, the density of the local plata shops have made me not too keen in buying the silver here…

After the sun goes down Taxco offers a wide list of restaurants and bars, but stays pretty calm and locky. This is how we found MeZcalería Xoco a recently open house of Mezcal and an artesania in one with a very nice owner. Here I finally got my Agave shaped silver earnings. If you happen to pass by send my warmest greetings.

InstagramCapture_9f907df2-d5fb-47c2-997a-e53e43732156   InstagramCapture_33f26ab2-1114-4889-a6a5-20fe605fd5e0