Las Vegas Bling Bling

After spending 3 weeks in Mexico and discovering the country from its Caribbean coast to the deserts in the North, we ended up the trip with a short stop over in … Las Vegas, Nevada!

There is not a lot of places in the world where you find an Egyptian pyramid, an Eiffel Tower, a Statue of Liberty and a perfect setting for the 2015 version of Caligula movie. But Las Vegas has it all and even more! Casinos, day clubs, night clubs, strip clubs, Cirque du Soleil shows, helicopter rides over the Grand Canyon, twin brothers of Elvis and of course OF COURSE the wedding chapels!

Let’s star the¬†tour of the the most popular Strip (as a¬†street) in the world:

Las Vegas at night

August is pretty hot here. Even the stroll on the strip in the dark requires often stops in the hotels and malls to catch back your breath and air conditioning.

¬†Las Vegas during the day…

… is even hotter! Therefore day¬†clubbing in the pools is¬†taken very serious here! Every hotel on the strip will offer you a rooftop party. Ain’t no cheap! Corona or Bud light will cost you 15$+, while a fancier cabana for a day party will cost you¬†a modest amount of¬†1000$ on a¬†weekend.


Cirque du Soleil, stand-up comedies, concerts, cabarets and all other shows is a big deal in Vegas.

We chose to see the Absinthe Рa dark comedy with politically incorrect jokes. Great show Рgreat times!

To sum up

Vegas is full of life, bling bling and architectural disasters. It is totally worth to spend here a night or two and then cross it from the to do list. I will be back to the area but next time will spend more time exploring the Grand Canyon rather than trying my luck to hit the jackpot!