Tijuana – 2 km inside Mexico

 Tijuana, according to some sources, the most crossed border in the world, for some others probably the one and only Mexico they’ve seen.

When starting our California experience down in San Diego, we decided to have a sneak peak into the Baja California, the Mexico’s appendix. This is what we found 2 km down the Otay Mesa Port of Entry.

So this is how we got into Mexico:

After pleasant Mexico’s (no queue!) border control officers welcomed us to the country, we strolled all the way down to Avenida Revolución.

It was a warm Sunday afternoon, but the morning rain has washed away the crowds from the busiest tourists attraction. This is what we found:

We also found one particularly interesting Cumbia’s (a COLOMBIAN, not Mexican) place. Check out these local dancing moves:

It was a beautiful sunset when it was time to leave Tijuana. Even Avenida Revolution has lost its shine and glitter and seen more bad things than good in the recent past, it is only more than worth to go abajo. They say the lobster on the cost of the ocean is yummy!