Ziga village: exploring the Pyrenees and other random places in the North of Spain

After 5 weeks in the beautiful Andalucia and  7-hour trip up North I spent a week exploring towns, villages and mountains in Castilla y Leon, Navara and Basque country. This is a collection of my travel pictures from different places in the North of Spain.

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Oh Malaga…it was fun!

It was the beginning of 2017 and the middle of a very grey winter in Brussels. It was the right time to make some changes. I pulled out a map of Spain, closed my eyes and blindly pointed my finger to an unknown location… When I opened my eyes I saw that Malaga is going to be a place where I am going to start an early summer.

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Pueblos Blancos – following the white spots in the mountains

It was the Semana Santa week in the South of Spain and the unusual 30 degrees for mid-April. The conditions were perfect to explore the beautiful white villages that are hiding in the mountains of Andalusia.

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Semana Santa in Andalusia

Semana Santa in Andalusia is a very special celebration. For locals it is a life long tradition, inviting to come back home to their own or their parents villages, meet their childhood friends, enjoy free afternoons and extra days-off. For people of faith, this week is a spiritual journey, taking through various stages of excruciation and revival. And for the rest, it is a street spectacle and an opportunity to join the famous Spanish street fiesta.

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The fight of shadows at Plaza de toros de La Malagueta

It has now been 10 days that I am living in the south of Spain region of Andalusia. Many of the things that represent Spain around the world have originated from here. And bullfighting is one of them. I know, there is a wide debate about banning the bull-fighting, and some regions of Spain have done it already. But by the look of things here, Andalusia will be the last one, if ever, to let it go…

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Best selfie spots in Barcelona

For years Barcelona has been Spain’s N°1 destination. The winning combination of sun, sea, Mediterranean architecture and affordable plane tickets has made this city into a popular attraction spot for many Europeans. It does not look like Barcelona is going to leave the top of the must visit destinations list any time soon, so here is the  ultimate guide to the biggest attraction in the city. Put your walking shoes on, grab your sun glasses and lets go!

Sagrada Família


A UNESCO World Heritage Site still in the making with an aim to be finished by 2026. A church like no other I’ve seen before breaking all possible construction standards. I truly recommend to everyone to see this Gaudi‘s wet sand castle built on the Mediterranean cost.

Park Güell


15 metro minutes and 10 minutes up the hill away you will find Park Güell. Another UNESCO World Heritage Site filled with Gaudis’s architectural games:  the famous staircase and pavilions, a must selfie spot – Serpentine Bench, Mosaic Dragon and much more.

Leave the paid park’s area and you will find your self in a beautiful green area in the middle of Barcelona with free panoramic views to the city and, if you have a good eye, beyond.

Barcelona Port

Come here for the sun, sea and smiling faces. Live salsa bands, several markets, loads of runners and tourists enjoying the simple pleasures in life.


Continuing the walk from Barcelona’s port with the sea on your right you will reach the Barcelona beach. If you leave the sea on your back and enter the building jungle you will find the postcard view of the city. Old Mediterranean buildings with drying laundry, Senyera and Barceloneta flags.

Plaça de Catalunya


A place to be for all of us who want to spear some time for shopping while in Barcelona. The placa and its surrounding streets are busy with tourist, shops and shoppers. Another Gaudi’s masterwork Casa Batlló is just 10 min away from here. Be strong! It will be hard not to give in into the shopping madness around here (at least I failed to do so).

And much more

I had a pleasure to visit Barcelona for the third time. Every time it offers something new and interesting. This place must have something magnetic to bring me and other crowds back again and again.