South beaches of Sri Lanka

Destination Sri Lanka was the fist big trip of 2018. All those instagram stories about endless white beaches and turquoise waters filled with surfers has finally gotten to me. I followed the crowds to see what Sri Lanka is all about.

This was supposed to be short but sweet voyage. With only 10 days of holidays, we (I) decided to spend most of our time in the south, checking out those insta-famous beaches. To make the trip easy and more convenient for the short period of time we followed recommendations of other flashpackers and (with a help of instagram) arranged a driver for ourselves. This way we could easily travel around the country, where driving is not so easy. In Sri Lanka the main road often becomes a racetrack for buses, trucks, cars, motos, tuc-tucs and the occasional cow so to relay on a professional was definitely a great idea! One more thing about the roads – you will not get anywhere fast, so it is best to be patient, relax and enjoy the beautiful changing scenery… and this is exactly what we did!

We left Colombo on a busy Saturday morning, made a few quick stops along the way and at about 18.00 (only 200 km away) we finally made it to the famous Galle Fort – A little European-like oasis, on the side of the big & thriving town of Galle.  Take a look:


Short night and long morning walk in Galle fort took us through its colonial past. Portugese, Dutch and British lived, worked and fought for this piece of rocky coastline. Today, it is probably the most expensive area for real- estate, full of western style eateries, coffee-shops and boutique galleries, still attracting European crowds.

Our next stop was – Weligama town & its surrounding beaches:


This is where the instagram life became a reality! Weligama bay is a great spot to base yourself, take a few surfing lesson and explore surrounding beaches like Mirissa, Midigama and others. These beach towns can get quite busy as it is a popular destination for western backpackers so three days in this area was just enough for us.

Then we continued down South to Tangalle area


If endless beaches surrounded by wild palm tree forests are your thing, then head down to Tangalle and continue towards the East where you’ll find great relaxation spots in villages untouched by tourist crowds… Open only for responsible travelers who care about what footprint they leave behind (please!!)

To be continued with more stories from Sri Lanka…