Fireworks in Tokyo to welcome us to Japan

In the end of July we started our long waited and carefully planned trip around Japan. We were warned about the unbearable heat and humidity combination around this time of the year, but it was the only free time we had, so we went for it anyways.

We merged into the Tokyo’s rush straight away. On our second day in the city we learned about the summer festival taking place in Asakusa neighborhood and decided to check it out.

Summer festivals are famous and frequent around Japan and usually involve crowds of people, firework shows that can last over an hour and lots of street food. We found all of this in Asakusa plus a heavy rain, which only added a more mystical feeling to the scene.

Asakusa’s Sensoji Temple is a must visit spot when in Tokyo. It is quite a touristic place, but use it to your advantage – get your fortune read in English. In most of other temples it is only possible in Japanese.

Asakusa has a great vibe and is a great neighborhood to explore. You won’t find Tokyo’s signature neon lights here, rather a more traditional scene. There is a samurai museum and a sumo stadium if you have more time on your hands.

I am not quite sure about the meaning of fireworks, maybe as bells in shrines, they are used to call for the attention of gods and good spirits. Whatever it is we are definitely off to the good start.