A brief guide to Lago di Como

It was one of those long hot summer weekends in the middle of July when we found ourselves in the North of Italy next to Lake Como. We spent the weekend taking refreshing dips into the lake, admiring the surroundings and (of course!) eating. This is my brief set of tips for anyone who wants to spend spring/summer/early autumn weekend in this little piece of paradise.

Lago di Como or Lario in Italian – is just an hour away from Milan. You can easily reach it by car – which is advisable because the public transportation schedule around the lake is not very frequent – or by train. If you decide to rent a car, stay away from the company called Goldcar!!! They are the worse rental company. We have the worse experience with them in Italy. They want to get money from us for something we haven’t done. So just don’t rent with them and you will be ok.

Where to stay?

Beautiful villages and small towns surround the lake. Views are fantastic from every corner of the lake. Just pick one with the B&Bs, hotels or villas in accordance to your budget. If you want glamour you can most definitely find it (together with other tourists) in Varenna or Bellagio. I personally enjoyed the evening in Menaggio with its local crowd and open-air concerts.

My only advice would be to avoid the town of Como. We visited it and it felt too big and too crowded to fully enjoy the nature and the lake.

Boats and Villas are the things to do!

Through the Centuries Lake Como was loved by the aristocrats from all over Europe. To get the feeling of those days visit one of the many impressive Villas and their gardens. We visited Villa Carlotta in Tremezzo and it was absolutely stunning.

To get the real Como experience you must visit the main towns of the lake using a boat or a ferry. To make it easy, fast and stress free, get a day pass (15EUR) and get on and get off the ferries circling around the main towns of the lake. Unfortunately, ferries stop operating around 19.00/20.00, so make sure you are on the right side of the lake before the dinner time. If that happens, you can still get back using the water-taxi. However, as all taxi service it will cost you…

The weekend went by flying. It was relaxing to be surrounded by the mountains, blue water and clear sky. Visit Lago di Como for a weekend or a week – it almost feels too pretty to be true!