My love affair with Mexico City’ part II

Mexico City – one of the biggest, most crowded and busiest places on the face of the Earth. Just imagine the anthill of 22 million people building lives together in the 1485 square meters.

Because Mexico City is located in the heart of the earthquake epicenter, here you will not see the tall skyscrapers, which are so common to other megapolis around the world. Where and how do all these people fit in here? That’s the question…

If you want to learn more about the devastating earthquake of 1985; how part of the city is preparing for the possible future shakes and how the other part of city remains forgotten – must read article for you.

I felt in love with the Mexico City on my first trip back in 2015. Last time I explored the life in colonias, followed the steps of Frida Kahlo, Diego Riviera and other famous muralist.

This time I came back for more and checked a few more boxes in the Mexico City’s must see list.

Chapultepec Castle

At the end of Paseo de la Reforma – a buzzing financial center of Mexico City – you will find Bosque de Chapultepec. It is a green oasis offering a shadow and a quick escape from the busy megapolis. Right here on the hill stands the Chapultepec castle, a national pride symbol embodied by a fairy-tell of Niños Héroes who died protecting the castle in the uneven battle during the 1847 Mexico-US war.

The name Chapultepec stems from the Nahuatl word chapoltepēc which means “at the grasshopper’s hill”.

The castle is just a couple hundred meters away from the Anthropology museum and continues to tell the story of Mexico. While the Anthropology museum explores the history of pre-Hispanic times, the castle’s museum continues the tale, focusing on the modern history. Here on this castle you will get best views to the modern parts of the city and possibly the future of Mexico…

Mexico City 2017_33

Mexico City 2017_40
Paseo de la Reforma right in front of you

Mexico City 2017_32Mexico City 2017_30

Mexico City 2017_34
A tribute to Niños Héroes

Mexico City 2017_43Mexico City 2017_52Mexico City 2017_44Mexico City 2017_41Mexico City 2017_38Mexico City 2017_29


The canals of Mexico City are often portrayed in Diego Riviera’s murals. You can actually go back in time and see how it looks today in Xochimilco. A very popular location among locals during the weekends, slow and empty during weekdays. Go there if you want to better understand how this city was built and grew over the centuries. Also, go there to see the Mexican life customs of the ordinary people and see how they live and celebrate life.

Don’t go there if you are looking for a glam or luxurious experience. It’s just a different kind of place.

Mexico City 2017_16Mexico City 2017_14Mexico City 2017_26Mexico City 2017_17Mexico City 2017_19Mexico City 2017_20Mexico City 2017_21Mexico City 2017_22Mexico City 2017_23Mexico City 2017_24


A must trip just outside Mexico city is to the famous pyramids of Teotihuacan. If you want to avoid crowds go early and be the first one at the entrance gates. The Sun pyramid is the 3rd biggest pyramid in the world. An easy climb up and you get to see this beautiful site from above. Don’t miss it!

Mexico City 2017_6
Pyramid of the Sun
Mexico City 2017_1
Pyramid of the Moon

Mexico City 2017_3Mexico City 2017_4

Mexico City 2017_9
View from the the Pyramid of the Moon

Mexico City 2017_10

Mexico City 2017_8
Getting ripped off…

Mexico City 2017_5And this is how another 3 days in Mexico City flew by. There are too many undiscovered places in this beautiful country, so I feel it will be a while till I will be back for a visit.

But until next time…