Semana Santa in Andalusia

Semana Santa in Andalusia is a very special celebration. For locals it is a life long tradition, inviting to come back home to their own or their parents villages, meet their childhood friends, enjoy free afternoons and extra days-off. For people of faith, this week is a spiritual journey, taking through various stages of excruciation and revival. And for the rest, it is a street spectacle and an opportunity to join the famous Spanish street fiesta.

This year, I was lucky enough to be a part of this disordered street celebration in Malaga, and smaller towns and villages around Andalusia.

Sábado de Pasión in Malaga

Domingo de Ramos in Malaga


I bet that the man in the mask is Antonio Banderas


Lunes Santo in Ronda


…and very confused me…

Miercoles Santo in Cadiz


Domingo de Resurrección in Frigiliana


Happy Easter!