Santorini – the most photogenic Greek island

As it does not feel like spring yet, I keep on coming back to the pictures from my last summer trips. The Greek island hopping trip, that we did last August, is something I was meaning to share for a while now. It was yet another grim and rainy Sunday afternoon in Brussels, I desperately needed to see some sun. So I went back to Santorini…pictures… A few days on this island last summer was spent simply enjoying the gorgeous views, hiding from the daytime heat, reading and trying out specialties of different tavernas.  

I was lucky to find a Lithuanian book in the shared bookshelf about the tactics of KGB…it happened to be the best beach book read that summer…Indeed, best things in life are for free…

In this blog I want to share bits of summer sun with you . So here it goes…Enjoy!


Lunch time

There is a reason, why so many weddings and photo-shoots take place on this Aegean Sea island. The views here are just breathtaking. There just isn’t one bad spot for a picture here.

The pictures I share below are taken with my phone and you can see that all of them are amazing. It is not because of my photos taking skills, but rather of the unique beauty of this Greek island.

Fira & Oia 

Many people coming to the island and wanting the real Santorini experience,  will have to choose between staying in the capital Fira or Oia – a smaller town, famous for its sunsets and Greek windmills. My advice would be to stay in the white villas in between the two towns. You will find yourself in a walking distance from Fira and will avoid crowds of Oia. In my opinion, Oia town has become the victim of its own success with crowds of people from all over the island coming to this village to witness one of the most famous sunset sceneries in the world. But try to imagine the narrow streets crowded with people, competing for the better picture spot. Not my thing! You can see beautiful sunset from anywhere of this croissant-shaped island. Trust me, it is much  more enjoyable in a bit of solitude than in crowds of selfie sticks.

The narrow streets of Fira


Dinner with a view


The church of Fira


Streets of Oia


Sunset from our pool


White villages


Down the hills to Kamari beach