(h)And(g)rea meets Europe

So Andrea came to visit us… Don’t worry we treated her well! She is already back in the beautiful and sunny Chuauauaua. But while she was here we tried to show her as much as possible in Europe. So besides Brussels we also made 3 weekend trips: to Jaime’s beloved Netherlands, a wonder city of Venice and took a bus ride to Paris!

Andrea also brought Hangrea. Hangrea was particularly interested in finding something as close as it could get to tacos. So this is how it all went…


Canals, bicycles, little streets, Ana Frank museum, corner bars… January is cold and windy in this port city but even so it is beautiful and a unique place to visit!


Ohhh Venice what a pleasure to see you in deep winter! With less people on the streets, shorter queues and fog you only look more mystical! We did not mind the rain and high tide at all. There is something magical about you and, in my opinion, it is more visible in winter!

Not to mention that Hangrea was very happy here! All the pizzas, pastas, lasagnias….

A few tips:

  • A free Venice walking tour is definitely worth your time
  • hi!tide Venice is a very useful app if you want keep your shoes dry in here!

And last but not least. Find 10 difference now and 10 years ago…


Everybody knows that Nr 1 to do thing in Paris is the Eiffel Tower pic! Success!

But apart from the Eiffel Tower we did all classic Paris’ spots: Tuileries Garden, Champs-Élysées, Arc de Triomphe, Champ de Mars, Jardin du Luxembourg, Panthéon etc etc. And Paris played its magic on Andrea!

We miss you Andrea! Come back soon!