3 gringos and I in Portugal

Portugal a country widely known for its friendly people and their love for bacalao. 4 days spent in this country was way not enough to discover all the treasures of Lisbon, Porto and between but more than enough to find more things Portuguese (or Portugalese) people love!

Lisboa views  Lisboa castle

Porto beach  InstagramCapture_186477c5-11c6-4a1b-8afe-26454f392d7f

I. Tiles

This practical thing that in the past was used to keep buildings safe from the heat and humidity nowadays became a signature look of Portugal. It is impossible not to like or admire it. To preserve this long lasting tradition Portuguese kids at schools are taught how to make mosaics of tiles.

Tiles one  InstagramCapture_e2336313-a1e6-4bee-a9dc-c71b6d670129

oPorto  InstagramCapture_efcff6de-93aa-443b-95ec-948a9bd44fa7

II. Weird transportation

So, Lisboa has introduced tuk tuks into the city’s transportation system. But as Jose, our Lisbon guide, explained to us the locals are not so happy about it as this little noisy and diesel smelling machines are not suiting the steep hills of Lisboa often starting traffic jams in the city’s narrow streets.

As an alternative the old school tram is serving the tourists perfectly. Tourists exactly! Tram n°28 became so popular that its image is now a folklore element of the city. Trams are on every souvenir next to the classics: Rooster of Barcelos, Sardines and Tiles.

I also spotted some strange yellow half-machines…

Tramers  InstagramCapture_5dcacaa9-7212-469d-9b99-3187057bb516

InstagramCapture_4a52899b-df9b-4bba-a75a-8548907313c5  InstagramCapture_d2810027-51f6-4a3f-864e-6d094fca04db

III. Bridges

Lisboa and Porto are settled on the banks of Tagus and Douro rivers and this gave a lot of creativity space for the bridge architects. The Dom Luís I in Porto is very spectacular! This two story bridge is 44.6 metres high and becomes a real challenge for acrophobia-ns.

San Francisco ... not  yet another bridge

Porto bridges  Bridge again

What I love about Portugal

People! People People!

  1. It is amazing how they love their country and always want to show the best of it! A special thanks goes to Miguel for all his tips and advises before the trip.
  2. Jose, our guide from the Lisbon Chill-out free tours, gave us almost a 4 hours tour in Lisboa. The longest tour of my life but it was very interesting to see the city through Jose’s eyes!
  3. Uber drivers! All of them in Lisboa gave us a little story/tip about the city!
  4. and everyone else we met in hostels, restaurants, bars, markets, streets…

Jose the guide  Pringaos after dinner

And last but not least,  I must mention my trip companions: two Spaniards and the usual Mexican. Their love to eat, walk and talk to strangers only helped me to discover the country more!

Posers  Posers and not

Get a room  bridge watching