Chihuahua (the city, not a dog)

Chihuahua is mostly known for being the capital of the largest and richest Mexico’s state, Jaime’s hometown and one of key towns during the Mexico revolution. Located 365 km away from the US border, Chihuahua offers a unique, non-touristic and just different Mexico experience.

Chihuahua is very special

because it is home for my big Mexican family!

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Chihuahua is also home for Tarahumara people

Tarahumara are the indigenous people of northwestern Mexico and the second largest native indigenous group in Mexico with between 50,000 & 70,000 people. They are often seen on the streets of Chihuahua selling handmade traditional souvenirs.

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In Mexico, 15% of the population identifies itself as indigenous.

Click here for more info about their rights and troubles in Mexico. 

Chihuahua was home for Pancho Villa

Francisco “Pancho” Villa was one of the most prominent figures of the Mexican Revolution.

During the Mexican Revolution, Chihuahua was a central battleground. Peasant revolutionary leader Francisco “Pancho” Villa fought throughout Chihuahua, demanding that the peasants be apportioned land and be recognized as legitimate participants in Mexican politics.

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To better understand the Mexican revolution and how it is affecting contemporary politics I recommend to watch this documentary:

To-visit-list for my next time in Chihuahua

La frontera

Starting the trip in Cancun, Mexico’s South, we ended it up in the North with a 4 hours drive to the border of the US. The closer we were getting to Juarez, the landscape was changing from semi-desert nature to complete desert.

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This drive, mostly through the farm fields, has one must stop – Villa Ahumada – a small town known for its local restaurants and burrito stands for the border crossers from both directions.

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Finally, the Mexico – US border. Somehow it looked too simple for what it actually represents…

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