Pueblos Magicos & Acapulco – checked!

After 3 days in crazy Mexico City, we decided to get away from the crowds and to dive into the little pueblos around the capital. Tepotztlan, Acapulco (not a pueblo!) and Taxco are only a hand-reach away (in Mexican sizes) from DF and are an often escape destinations for the wealthy DFians.

I. Tepoztlán: green mountains & Temazcal

This pueblo magico is just an hour away from the busy DF streets. Many come here to enjoy the nature and pleasures of Temazcal – an ancient Maya sweat house. But before you go into the hands of a local shaman:

Enjoy the cuisine from the local market:

InstagramCapture_af0dc2d4-927e-4354-9b48-8b194b126128  InstagramCapture_02a16406-68da-40f1-8394-a2ea1753a591

InstagramCapture_6d07aafd-8889-47d4-85d1-663d2f8fa140  InstagramCapture_5ae579b9-9376-4659-8e0a-cd3d8951ae0b

Then work it out by climbing up to El Tepozteco pyramide

InstagramCapture_b4bf8c38-3ae1-441a-bf9a-69c9a8e11488  InstagramCapture_0f245ccf-dad7-4d5b-98b1-f03d3ba24ec0

InstagramCapture_6731ffb6-3022-44df-a046-447440c5c54f  InstagramCapture_6395fef7-8606-4f8d-ba8c-50225209c5d1

And then lock yourself out in the surroundings of the mountains and when the sun goes down follow a well deserved (mystical) Temazcal…

InstagramCapture_77448425-7e45-42d7-96ce-136f0d7805fd   InstagramCapture_422f5777-d8af-4b89-b6f1-0b3cced89e96

II. The 60’s shine in Acapulco

Acapulco is the closest beach escape for chilangos. Just 4 hours on the toll road and you are on the Pacific coast. Once a n°1 destination for the Hollywood stars, now Acapulco is a hub of the local tourism. Recent hurricanes and instabilities in the area has washed off its 60s glitter but the footprints of once the capital of tourism are still here.

Playa Caletilla in the morning and in the afternoon:

InstagramCapture_4914e9f9-53d0-45f1-ad5a-ba84198e8a83  InstagramCapture_182a1ae1-c233-4fdb-a5fe-0a33ae6240e2

A try to find a virgin spot on the Pacific:

However the Pacific Ocean was not so Pacific that day at Pie de la Cuesta:

InstagramCapture_321a64dd-1111-4604-9faf-d13895235489  InstagramCapture_7acbdda2-1f0a-47a0-aa3c-3f0259359b5e

Other than that it was just a regular day in the city that have seen it all:

InstagramCapture_cce4d8d7-627c-4c40-a72a-07fb77540899  InstagramCapture_cccb0a4a-b695-48a2-9e7a-4ce72af9ca40

InstagramCapture_5a671323-eaf2-4913-ad60-898c323fcc58   InstagramCapture_54532315-5d3c-4f6a-8ad1-0be130820d3f

III. The silvery Taxco

This little beautiful Pueblo Mágico is spread around the hills – just 3 hours drive from DF. We came here for a quick stop, but after the first glimpse, stayed for as long as we could.

InstagramCapture_691af7a0-26e5-4162-b3f0-9206605d9df8   InstagramCapture_8299d4e8-4d3f-474c-8cdf-4101a8b83d1e

Known for its old days silver resources today the city reflects the past via stunningly beautiful architecture thus becoming a trendy escape for DFians and other random passers like us.

InstagramCapture_c651d708-0a0e-4ae3-829e-e2212c4a2568   InstagramCapture_87f0ef84-7c9d-48e5-9f59-2820f52ac280

On top of all the architectural surprises around every corner, here you will also find street vendors offering beautiful hand made pieces, never seen anywhere else before or after. However, the density of the local plata shops have made me not too keen in buying the silver here…

After the sun goes down Taxco offers a wide list of restaurants and bars, but stays pretty calm and locky. This is how we found MeZcalería Xoco a recently open house of Mezcal and an artesania in one with a very nice owner. Here I finally got my Agave shaped silver earnings. If you happen to pass by send my warmest greetings.

InstagramCapture_9f907df2-d5fb-47c2-997a-e53e43732156   InstagramCapture_33f26ab2-1114-4889-a6a5-20fe605fd5e0