Latest in Mariachi fashion: 3 days in DF

3 days in Mexico City: only a glimpse to a sinking (literally!) megapolis with a fascinating history, culture and much more. It is hard to imagine how so many people fit in here but they do so by creating contrasts everywhere you look!

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I. The sinking city

Built by Aztecs in the middle of the Lago Texcoco, enlarged on the built canals and expanded by Spaniards to the banks of the lake today this megalopolis is sinking! To understand the size, beauty and importance of this 700 year old city visit Tenochtitlan and see Diego Riviera’s murals in the Palacio Nacional.

II. Murals & Frida Kahlo

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When in DF use the opportunity to follow the works of the greatest Mexico’s muralists: Palacio Nacional; Palacio Bellas Artes, Anahuacalli Museum, squares and parks around the city.

Frida’s blue casa is a must. Personally for me the best museum ever visited. One can only admire how well everything is preserved, not to mention the beauty of lives and stories that took place there…

III. Where to stay – Life in colonias

We got an airbnb in Roma Norte. You will not get wrong with staying here or in Roma or Condesa. Cool vibe, loads of places to go out for food/drinks. Also Coyoacán, the neighbourgood around Frida’s musem, might be worthy your attention. It’s like a village (well it was one before it got absorbed by the DF) inside the megapolis with its own villagers. The center park during days serves as a market or salsa dancing floor and during nights locals just get out here for a walk, sit on the bench or to enjoy one of many fancy neighborhood’s restaurants or local food market.

Strangely on Sundays restaurants are closing around 22:00. Surprise surprise for late eaters in the big city!

Salsa dancing at Mama Rumba! Recomened by our airbnb host, tried by us! Live salsa band, good margaritas, amazing dancers.

To get around DF we used metro/buses and Uber. All worked well, especially Uber! Get this app! Taxis do not have the best reputation here.

If travelling to Mexico I sincerely recommend to read “Los años con Laura Díaz”/ “The years with Laura Diaz” by Carlos Fuentes about this country, their culture, love, live, family, lovers, revolution, DF and many more aspects of life.

IV. Food in DF

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You will recognize a Mexican by how proud he or she will be about their food! They will tell you tales about the spiciness and the mixture of tastes. Food is a big part of the family life and Mexican culture. In DF you can find it all: the top 3 Mexican restaurants from the World’s 50 Best Restaurants list to the best street elotes.

Drink: if you like beer it is a country for you. From Coronitas, el Sol to less exported and even better one like Pacifico, Modelo, Tecate and many many more!

Not to mention Margaritas! I did not try a bad Margarita in Mexico and trust me I tried a few…

V. The latest in Mariachi fashion: Garibaldi square

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